Oracle Linux 7 サーバ設定

[root@J1900N ~]# yum search VNC
=============================== N/S matched: VNC ===============================
gtk-vnc2.i686 : A GTK3 widget for VNC clients
gtk-vnc2.x86_64 : A GTK3 widget for VNC clients
gvnc.i686 : A GObject for VNC connections
gvnc.x86_64 : A GObject for VNC connections
libvncserver.i686 : Library to make writing a vnc server easy
libvncserver.x86_64 : Library to make writing a vnc server easy
tigervnc.x86_64 : A TigerVNC remote display system
tigervnc-icons.noarch : Icons for TigerVNC viewer
tigervnc-license.noarch : License of TigerVNC suite
tigervnc-server.x86_64 : A TigerVNC server
tigervnc-server-minimal.x86_64 : A minimal installation of TigerVNC server
kdenetwork-krdc.x86_64 : A client for Desktop Sharing and other VNC servers
kdenetwork-krfb.x86_64 : Desktop Sharing server, allow others to access your
                       : desktop via VNC
vinagre.i686 : VNC client for GNOME
vinagre.x86_64 : VNC client for GNOME

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[root@J1900N ~]# 
[root@J1900N ~]# yum install tigervnc-server

総ダウンロード容量: 198 k
インストール容量: 488 k
Is this ok [y/d/N]: y

  tigervnc-server.x86_64 0:1.2.80-0.30.20130314svn5065.el7                      

[root@J1900N ~]# 
[root@J1900N ~]# cp /lib/systemd/system/vncserver@.service /etc/systemd/system/vncserver@.service
[root@J1900N ~]# vi /etc/systemd/system/vncserver@.service

Description=Remote desktop service (VNC)

# Clean any existing files in /tmp/.X11-unix environment
ExecStartPre=/bin/sh -c '/usr/bin/vncserver -kill %i > /dev/null 2>&1 || :'
ExecStart=/sbin/runuser -l admin -c "/usr/bin/vncserver %i -geometry 1280x1024"
ExecStop=/bin/sh -c '/usr/bin/vncserver -kill %i > /dev/null 2>&1 || :'

[root@J1900N ~]# 
[root@J1900N ~]# systemctl daemon-reload
[root@J1900N ~]# su - admin
[admin@J1900N ~]$ vncpasswd
[admin@J1900N ~]$ ログアウト
[root@J1900N ~]# systemctl start vncserver@:1.service
[root@J1900N ~]# systemctl enable vncserver@:1.service

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